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OEM Immersion Gold 2u'' Flex Rigid FPC Circuit Board

OEM Immersion Gold 2u'' Flex Rigid FPC Circuit Board

OEM Immersion Gold 2u'' Flex Rigid FPC Circuit Board
OEM Immersion Gold 2u'' Flex Rigid FPC Circuit Board
OEM Immersion Gold 2u'' Flex Rigid FPC Circuit Board
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Made in China
Certification: ISO14001, ISO9001, UL, cUL, TS16949
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Customized
Packaging Details: vacuum package
Delivery Time: 1-15 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, paypal ect.
Supply Ability: 60,000sqm per month
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Detailed Product Description
Base Material: FR4+PI Copper: 35um/35um
PCB Thickness: 0.15mm+2.0mm Surface Finishing: Immersion Gold 2u''
Solder Mask: Green Silk: White
Min. Line Width: 3mil Min. Hole Size: 0.25mm
Application: Electronic Product Product Name: 6 Layer
High Light:

Flex Rigid FPC Circuit Board


OEM FPC Circuit Board


Immersion Gold 2u'' Flex Rigid PCB

FPC Flex Rigid PCB Board OEM Factory Circuit Board Flexible PCB Assembly



PCB Technical & Capability

Production capacity of hot-sale products
Double Side/Multilayer PCB Workshop Aluminum PCB Workshop
Technical Capability Technical Capability
Raw materials: CEM-1, CEM-3, FR-4(High TG), Rogers, TELFON Raw materials: Alurminum base, Copper base
Layer: 1 layer to 32 Layers Layer: 1 layer and 2 Layers
Min.line width/space: 3mil/3mil(0.075mm/0.075mm) Min.line width/space: 4mil/4mil(0.1mm/0.1mm)
Min.Hole size: 0.1mm(dirilling hole) Min.Hole size: 12mil(0.3mm)
Max. Board size: 1200mm* 600mm Max.Board size: 1200mm* 560mm(47in* 22in)
Finished board thickness: 0.2mm- 6.0mm Finished board thickness: 0.3~ 5mm
Copper foil thickness: 18um~280um(0.5oz~8oz) Copper foil thickness: 35um~210um(1oz~6oz)
NPTH Hole Tolerance: +/-0.075mm, PTH hole Tolerance: +/-0.05mm Hole position tolerance: +/-0.05mm
Outline Tolerance: +/-0.13mm Routing outline tolerance: +/ 0.15mm; punching outline tolerance:+/ 0.1mm
Surface finished: Lead free HASL, immersion gold(ENIG), immersion silver, OSP, gold plating, gold finger, Carbon INK. Surface finished: Lead free HASL, immersion gold(ENIG), immersion silver, OSP etc
Impedance control tolerance: +/-10% Remain thickness tolerance: +/-0.1mm
Production capability: 50,000 s.q.m/month MC PCB Production capability: 10,000 s.q.m/month



ABIS CIRCUITS Company deliver services, not only products. We offer solutions, not only goods.
From the PCB production, the components purchasing to the components assemble.


  • PCB Custom
  • PCB drawing / design according to your schematic diagram
  • PCB manufacturing
  • Component sourcing
  • PCB Assemble
  • PCBA 100% test
Equipment List
Process Equipment name Origin Quantity
Cutting 开料机 Cutting machine HK 1
清洗线 Washing line HK 1
Inner layer 化学前处理 Chemical pretreatment HK 2
涂布机 Coating machine TW 1
贴膜机 Film sticking machine TW 1
AOI 光学检查机 Optical inspection machine Israel 4
VRS VRS machine Israel 9
Laminating 压机(电压) Press (voltage) Italy 3
热压机(油压) Hot press (hydraulic) Germany 4
冷压机 Cold press Germany 2
棕化线 Browning line HK 2
热熔机 Hot melt machine Italy 1
OPE冲孔 OPE punching TW 1
X-RAY 自动钻靶机 X-RAY Automatic Target Drilling Machine TW 1
磨钢板线 Steel plate grinding line HK 2
Drilling 激光钻孔laser drilling Laser drilling Japan 7
钻机 Drill Machine TW 20
钻机 Drill Machine Guangdong 29
Hitachi Hitachi Japan 40
磨针机 Needle Grinding Machine TW 4
X-RAY 检查机 X-RAY inspection machine HK 1
检孔机 Inspection machine TW 1
Electroplating 粗磨机 Coarse grinder HK 2
沉铜线(水平线) Immersion copper wire (horizontal) HK 1
沉铜线(垂直线) Immersion copper wire (vertical) TW 1
全板电镀(水平线) Board plating (horizontal ) HK 2
全板电镀(垂直线) Board plating (vertical) TW 1
盲孔填孔线(水平) Blind hole filling line (horizontal) HK 1
图形电镀线(垂直) Graphic plating line (vertical) TW 1



Process Equipment name Origin Quantity
Dry Film 喷砂线/超粗化 Sandblasting line/super coarsening HK 2
自动贴膜线 Automatic filming line TW 3
自动曝光机 Automatic exposure machine TW 6
LDI LDI Guangdong 4
LDI LDI Japan 2
显影线 Development line HK 2
Solder Prevent Mask 喷砂线 Sandblasting line HK 2
印刷线 Printing line TW 10
静电喷涂 Electrostatic spraying TW 1
低温隧道式烤炉 Low temperature tunnel oven TW 1
自动曝光机 Automatic exposure machine TW 6
显影线 Development line HK 2
立式烤箱 Vertical oven Guangdong 6
Screen Printing 丝印机 Silk printer TW 4
高温隧道炉 High temperature tunnel furnace Guangdong 2
树脂塞孔机 Resin plugging machine TW 4
树脂研磨机 Resin grinding machine Guangdong 2
Gold Depositing 喷砂线 Sandblasting line HK 2
自动沉金线 Automatic gold wire Guangdong 2
沉金后处理线 Immersion gold post-processing line HK 2
Route Cutting 锣机 Gong machine TW 27
二次元测量 Two-dimensional measurement TW 1
全自动V-Cut Fully automatic V-Cut HK 3
Electrical Testing 电测试机 Electric testing machine Guangdong 21
  飞针测试机 Flying probe test machine Nanjing 7
FQC 整平机 Leveling machine TW 4
抗氧化线 Antioxidant line HK 2
外观检查机 Visual inspection machine Japan 1
Pack 真空包装机 Vacuum packaging machine Guangdong 2
真空保护包装机 Vacuum protection packaging machine Guangdong 2


Equipment name Quantity Equipment name Quantity
铜箔测厚仪 Copper foil thickness gauge 1 冷热冲击机 Thermal shock machine 1
原子吸收光度计 Atomic absorption photometer 1 温湿测试室 Temperature and humidity test room 1
紫外可见分光光度计 UV-visible spectrophotometer 1 热油测试机 Hot oil testing machine 1
CVS CVS machine 1 阻抗测试机 Impedance testing machine 1
厚铜测试仪 Thick copper tester 4 能量色散型X射线荧光分析仪 Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analyzer 1
离子污染机 Ion pollution machine 1 8温区带电脑无铅回流焊 8 temperature zone computer lead-free reflow soldering 1
离压测试机 Pressure test machine 1 自动取样机 Automatic sampler 2
绝缘测试机 Insulation testing machine 1 电镜SEM SEM 1
金像显微镜 Golden Image Microscope 2 能谱EDS EDS 1
X-RAY测厚仪 X-RAY Thickness Gauge 1 Micro-vu三次元接触式影像能量测系统 Micro-vu three-dimensional contact image energy measurement system 1
凝胶时间测试仪 Gel time tester 1 XRF 测试仪 XRF tester 1
金镍厚度测量仪 Gold nickel thickness measuring instrument 1      
Raw material FR-4, Metal core, Cu base, Polymide, Ceramic, Rogers, etc.
Layer 1 Layer-20 Layer
Min.Line width/space 3mil/ 3mil (0.075mm/0.075mm)
Min.hole size 0.1mm (drilling hole)
Max. Board size 1200mm*600mm
Finished board thickness 0.2mm-6.0mm
Cooper foil thickness 18um- 280um (0.5oz-8oz)
NPTH Hole Tolerance +/- 0.075mm
PTH hole Tolerance +/-0.05mm
Outline tolerance +/-0.13mm
Surface finished Lead Free HASL, immersion gold(ENIG), Immersion silvel, OSP, gold plating, gold finger, Carbon INK
Production capability 60,000 s.q.m/ month
Certificate ROSH , ISO9001, ISO14001, UL Certificate
File Protel 99se/P-CAD/Autocad/Cam350

Our Advantages

  • High-end euipment-high speed Pick and Place Machines that can process about 25,000 SMD components per hour
  • High efficient supply ability 60K Sqm monthly-Offers low volume and on-demand PCB production, also large-scale production
  • Professional engineering team-40 engineers and their own tooling house, strong at OEM. Offers two easy options: Custom and Standard-In-depth knowledge of IPC Class II and III Standards

We provide a comprehensive turn-key EMS service to customers who want us to assemble the PCB into PCBA, including prototypes, NPI project, small and medium volume. We are also able to source all components for your PCB assembly project. Our engineers and sourcing team have rich experience in supply chain and EMS industry, with deep knowledges in SMT assembly allowing to resolve all the production issues. Our service is cost-effective, flexible, and reliable. We have satisfied customers across many industries including medical, industrial, automotive and consumer electronics.



Persue 0% complaint on quality

  • All department implements according to ISO and the related dept has to provide 8D report if any board scrapped to defective.
  • All the outgoing boards have to be 100% electronic tested, impedance tested and soldering.
  • Visual inspected, we make the inspect microsection before shipment.
  • Train the mindset of employees and our enterprise culture, make they happy with their work and our company, it's helpful for them to produce good quality products.
  • High quality raw material (Shengyi FR4, ITEQ, Taiyo Solder Mask Ink etc.)
  • The AOI could inspect the whole set, boards are inspected after each process


Pre-Sale and After-Sale Service
1 Hour quotation
2 hours complaint feedback
7*24 hour technical support
7*24 order service
7*24 hour delivery
7*24 production run



OEM Immersion Gold 2u'' Flex Rigid FPC Circuit Board 0


Packaging & Delivery

Rigid PCB, Flexible PCB, Rigid-Flex PCB, HDI PCB, PCB Assembly

OEM Immersion Gold 2u'' Flex Rigid FPC Circuit Board 1

OEM Immersion Gold 2u'' Flex Rigid FPC Circuit Board 2


OEM Immersion Gold 2u'' Flex Rigid FPC Circuit Board 3


Quotation from ABIS

To ensure an accurate quote, be sure to include the following information for your project:

  • Complete GERBER File
  • Quantities
  • Penalization Requirements
  • Materials Requirements
  • Finish requirements


Your custom quote will be delivered in just 2-24 hours, depending on the design complexity.



ABIS cares every your order even 1 piece





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