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Custom FR4 High Tg 1oz Copper Thickness Multilayer PCB circuit board with ENIG Surface

Custom FR4 High Tg 1oz Copper Thickness Multilayer PCB circuit board with ENIG Surface

Custom FR4 High Tg 1oz Copper Thickness Multilayer PCB circuit board with ENIG Surface
Custom FR4 High Tg 1oz Copper Thickness Multilayer PCB circuit board with ENIG Surface
Custom FR4 High Tg 1oz Copper Thickness Multilayer PCB circuit board with ENIG Surface
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Made in China
Brand Name: ABIS
Certification: ISO14001, ISO9001, UL, cUL, TS16949
Model Number: MPCB-0050
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: Neghotiable
Price: 0.15-1
Packaging Details: Vacuum package
Delivery Time: 7-10 working day
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 500000
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Detailed Product Description
Base Material: FR-4/Aluminum/ceramic/CEM-3/FR-1/CEM-1 Board Thickness: 1.6mm/Custom
Product Name: 94v0 Pcb Printed Circuit Board,94vo Board,wireless Charger PCB Prototype Circuit Board And PCBA,small Prototypes Shenzhen Pcb Circuit Board And Pcba,Assembly For Circuit Board Min. Line Width: 3mil
Min. Line Space: 3mil Application: Consumer Electronics,Electronics Device,wireless Charging PCBA,Equipment,Player Products
Name: PCB Board Production,OEM Factory Made FR-4 PCB / Prototype PCB Circuit Board,OEM Fast Prototype Electronic Custom Made PCB Board Manufacturer Color: Green/Custom
Type: Electronic Board,Customized,/printed Circuit Board/OEM PCB Service: One-stop Service,Customize,One Stop Service,PCB/Components Sourcing/Soldering/Programming/Testing..
Surface Finished: HASL,ENIG,Immersion Gold,HASL LF,Immersion Tin Layer: 4/6/8/Custom
Impedance Control: Yes/No
High Light:

3mil HASL Multilayer PCB Board


FR4 ENIG Multilayer PCB Board


Dielectric Layer Multilayer PCB Assembly

Custom FR4 High Tg 1oz Copper Thickness Multilayer PCB circuit board with ENIG Surface


The basic composition of printed circuit board (PCB)


PCB circuit board (PCB), also known as printed circuit boards, printed circuit board, or PCB, English abbreviation PCB (printed circuit board) or the PWB (printed wiring board), insulation board as base material, cut into a certain size, with at least one conductive graphics, and cloth have a hole (such as component hole, fastening hole, hole metallization, etc.), is used to replace previous device electronic components of the chassis, and realize the connection between the electronic components.Because the board is made by electronic printing, it is called "printed circuit board".The customary term "printed circuit board" is not accurate, because there are no "printed components" on the printed board, only the wiring.

Second, the basic composition
At present, the circuit board is mainly composed of the following:
1. Circuit and Pattern: The circuit is used as a tool to conduct between the original parts. In the design, a large copper surface will be additionally designed as the grounding and power layer.The lines and drawings were made at the same time.
2.Dielectric layer (Dielectric) : used to maintain the insulation between the lines and the layers, also known as the substrate.
3. hole (Through hole/via) : Through hole can make more than two levels of lines Through each other, the larger Through hole is used as part plug-in, in addition to the non-through hole (NPTH) is usually used as a surface mount positioning, fixing screws used during assembly.
4. Solder resistant ink (Solder resistant /Solder Mask) : not all copper surface to eat tin parts, so non-tin eating area, will print a layer of isolation copper surface to eat tin material (usually epoxy resin), to avoid short circuit between non-tin eating tin lines.According to different technology, divided into green oil, red oil, blue oil.



Company Introduction


Abis Circuits Co., Ltd is a professional PCB manufacturer which was established on Oct, 2006 and focus on
double side, Multilayer and HDI pcb mass production.
We have two factories together , the factory in Shenzhen is specialized in small and middle volume orders and the
factory in Huizhou is for big volume and HDI.


Pre-Sale and After-Sale Service
1 Hour quotation
2 hours complaint feedback
7*24 hour technical support
7*24 order service
7*24 hour delivery
7*24 production run


We Can Offer :
1. PCB Manufacture: PCB file or Gerber file needed
2. PCB PCBA SMD SMT Assembly: Gerber File and Bom list needed
3. Reverse Engineering - PCB Copy, PCB Clone, IC Decode
4. Professtional Components Procurement
5. PCB PCBA Finished Product Test
6. PCB And PCBA Mass-Production





  High precision prototype PCB bulk production
Max Layers 1-28 layers 1-14 layers
MIN Line width(mil) 3mil 3mil
MIN Line space(mil) 3mil 3mil
Min via (mechanical drilling) Board thickness1.2mm 0.15mm 0.2mm
Board thickness2.5mm 0.2mm 0.3mm
Board thickness2.5mm Aspect Ration13:1 Aspect Ration13:1
Aspect Ration Aspect Ration13:1 Aspect Ration13:1
Board thickness MAX 8mm 7mm
MIN 2 layers:0.2mm;4 layers:0.35mm;6 layers:0.55mm;8 layers:0.7mm;10 layers:0.9mm 2 layers:0.2mm;4 layers:0.4mm;6 layers:0.6mm;8layers:0.8mm
MAX Board size 610*1200mm 610*1200mm
Max copper thickness 0.5-6oz 0.5-6oz

Immersion Gold/

Gold Plated Thickness

Immersion Gold:Au,1—8u”
Gold finger
Gold Plated
Nickel Plated
Hole copper thick 25um 1mil 25um 1mil
Tolerance Board thickness Board thickness1.0mm:+/-0.1mm
1.0mm<Board thickness
Board thickness>2.0mm:+/-8%
Board thickness1.0mm:+/-0.1mm
1.0mm<Board thickness
Board thickness>2.0mm:+/-8%
Outline Tolerance 100mm:+/-0.1mm
Impedance ±10% ±10%
MIN Solder mask bridge  0.08mm  0.10mm
Plugging Vias capability  0.25mm--0.60mm  0.70mm--1.00mm





































































Lead Time







Lead Time


Category Quickest Lead Time Normal Lead Time
Double sideds 24hrs 120hrs
4 Layers 48hrs 172hrs
6 Layers 72hrs 192hrs
8 Layers 96hrs 212hrs
10 Layers 120hrs 268hrs
12 Layers 120hrs 280hrs
14 Layers 144hrs 292hrs
16-20 Layers Depends on the specific requirements
Above 20 Layers Depends on the specific requirements



Quality Control

Custom FR4 High Tg 1oz Copper Thickness Multilayer PCB circuit board with ENIG Surface 0




Custom FR4 High Tg 1oz Copper Thickness Multilayer PCB circuit board with ENIG Surface 1



Why choose us?

· With ABIS, customers significantly and effectively reduce their global procurement costs. Behind each service provided by ABIS, is hidden a cost saving for customers.

. We have two shop together, one is for prototype, quick turn, small volume making. The other is for mass production also for HDI board, with highly skilled professional employees, for high quality products with competitive price and on-time delivery.

. We provide very professional sales, technical and logistic supports, on a world-wide basis.hours complaint feedback.





Q: How about your delivery date ?

A: In general,smaples need 7 working days,mass production need 15-20 working days.


Q: What is your minimum order quantity?


Q: What is your advandage than other supplier ?

A: We have over 15 years experience in produce PCB services and have reliable of raw material suppliers. We can find out the best source to consistently reduce your cost.


Q: How about your supply capacity?

A: Our supply capacity is around 500000sqm each day. 


Q: If No PCB file/Gerber file, only have the PCB sample,could you produce PCB board for me?

A: Yes, we could help you to clone the PCB board . Just send us the sample PCB , then produce for you. The cost depends on the PCB.

Q: Is safty for my PCB design for manufacturing?

A: All customer's copyright will never manufacture PCB board for someone else with your files unless we receive written.





Please keep us informed for any interest!
ABIS cares every your order even 1 piece!

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Abis Circuits Co., Ltd.

Contact Person: Lucy

Tel: +8613421551324

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